Lotta folks have been asking to see some of the iPad sketches I’ve done with the Pogo Connect Stylus.

It took me a while to get comfortable drawing with the Pogo Connect but I have now completely fallen in love with it.  

It’s especially fun to combine the Pogo Connect with Paper by Fifty Three Inc., a fantastic sketching app. 

The Yeti is the drawing with which I’m most happy - though you can still see a bit of my struggle with the stylus. The Pogo Connect has a very thick tip so it can be difficult to achieve any sort of precision in the drawing.

At first, I thought that the stylus would, due to the lack of precision, only be good for doing loose, plein air paintings in Procreate (and it is good for that). But I’ve found that the more I practice, the less aware of the thick tip I become and the more precision I can get.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  It’s no substitute for the Cintiq - or even an Intuos Tablet. But for the convenience of an infinite sketchbook on my iPad, it’s awesome.  Money well-spent.

I’ve included to other sketches in this post:

The dragon was the first reasonable drawing I was able to make this way. It’s not a great drawing. …and you can really see the struggle there.  But I thought I would include it so you can compare it to the Yeti - my most successful iPad sketch yet.  

The pink creature is here because I think it demonstrates well the watercolor effect in the Paper app.

I’m also finding that the drawings have a specific appeal which is partially due to the lack of precision.  So, I’m excited to see where that takes me…

I’ll keep you posted.


PS: If you buy the stylus or app through my links and I get a small commission which will go toward the increasing hosting costs of my websites and newsletter.

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